Floreat Regina

S01E01 - Scene 02: The Auction

Linda arrived at the auction with Daphne in her pocket, and prepared to help Alissa get anything she wanted.

Eric had met Gregory Banks as the Warden (although Eric wasn’t really sure what a Warden was, yet) was on his way to the auction. Gregory walked past, glanced at Eric, slowed down, and then stopped. He turned to Eric. “Thought maybe you should know,” he said gruffly. “There’s gonna be an auction tonight. Magical items. I’m headed there now. Did you want to come?”

Eric thought about it. “Probably not. Why are you going?”

“To make sure nothing too powerful ends up in the wrong hands.”

And so of course, Eric went too.

Alissa was there, of course, and Gregory and Piotr. In addition, there was an unknown woman whom Linda pinned as the owner of the Mysteria art gallery, who her contacts had suggested would be there, and Marcus Davies, one of the Roughriders.

Bidding went relatively smoothly. Piotr had to admit, of course, that his star item was gone (“already sold”) but there was no mention of the gloves. As such, only three big-ticket items got auctioned off: A small silver ring, to help one concentrate, which Alissa eventually signalled Linda to concede to the Mysteria owner, and Daphne couldn’t see any easy way to steal; a handwritten, leatherbound journal of a deceased White-Council member, which went to Eric but which Eric allowed Gregory to read through before completely surrending; and a plain oaken staff, useful for Earth magic, which Gregory reluctantly let go to Alissa.



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